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Build a huge and strong army, expand your territory and dominate the world map. Attacks your friend with over kinds of 20 tanks, planes and troops. Win all events and be the most rich player. That’s not amazing ? There are many ways to achieve this idea but we want to show you the easiest trick. You need a lot of resources and credits to do it. Read more below about how to get more money etc.

War Commander is an amazing war strategy game on Facebook and is created by Kixeye. In War Commander, a player needs to protect their base by fighting countless waves of attacks from other players. Apart from protecting their base, players can also attack and conquer other player’s base. Players should keep on constructing many strong defensive as well as offensive buildings in order to get an edge over their opponents. The game is very addictive, as players also need to collect the required resources such as oil, metal, etc. Due to the addictive features of War Commander, around 1.4 million users on Facebook are playing it.
As hacks have become part of our daily lives, the internet is flooded with lots of War Commander Hacks and Cheats. However, most of these hacks suffer from many shortcomings such as compatibility issues, limited access to features, low protection against bans, etc. Our dedicated team has created a unique hack for War Commander, which will surely enhance your gaming experience. War Commander Hack 2012 is a multi feature hack, which provides lots of in game benefits to the users and that too free of cost.

 Cheat War Commander Options
Add a desired amount of metal
Get free 1,000,000 Oil
Get up to 1,500 free FB Credits
Unlimited energy hack
Available On – mobile, iphone, ipod, ipad

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